More than just a team,
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An agile, versatile, energetic team to help reach your targets.

Like you, we are entrepreneurs that understand the systems and challenges of an organization. Our team, led by an experienced consultant, steers you towards effective solutions that are efficient and sustainable for your organization, while at all times respecting your deadlines.

Comprehensive expertise – As an expert with many years of experience in care management, finance and operational management, Amélie Tavernier will accompany-lead-guide- you in the improvement of your business performance.

Meeting the families, organizing a party, applying for grants, following up after regulatory visits, managing staff, heading up work committees… each day is a whirlwind of activity through which my team and I share one common goal, to provide continuous improvement in the quality of services offered to our clientele.
Amélie Tavernier

Amélie Tavernier

  • Charismatic: Capable of leading in diverse situations.
  • Creative: I think outside the box.
  • My vision of communication, marketing, budgetary control, and organizational structure is always focused on improving quality of end users’ services.

Virginie Sokha

Administrative Services Manager
  • Passionate: Achieving the goals is an important issue to me.
  • Responsive: I adapt, in order to offer pragmatic solutions to society’s challenges.
  • I have advanced skill sets in the management of strategic and operational planning.

Amélé Nina Setto

Consultant in Quality Managment
  • Ambitious: I like to bring each project to fruition.
  • Enthusiastic: I am always looking for new challenges.
  • Working with renown and international clientele, I easily adapt myself to corporate constraints.

Rosalie Chbeir

Consultant in Quality Management
  • Attentive: I am receptive to my clients
  • Determined: I offer quality and secure services to the users and their families.
  • I am oriented towards continuous quality improvments of health institutions.

Nathalie Pigeanne

Project Manager Cycling Without Age and business development
  • Structured: I have expertise in optimising all of the steps in a process and developing timelines to meet corportate deadlines.
  • Motivated: I am always enthusiastic to work with new partners.
  • I like to bring my personal touch and come up with new ideas.

Laure Vest

Project Manager Zénitud’art and business development
  • Conscientious: I like to work on projects with detail and rigour.
  • Curious: I am always looking for novel solutions.
  • My international experience gives me a greater understanding of the world and helps me to be innnovative in everything I do.

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