CELIXIA, the anagram of the Greek terms:

CELIA, “old age”

LICIA, “the art of life at all ages of life”

Quality management

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Strategic management

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Organizational management

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Personnal management

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Celixia offers concrete solutions to meet the everyday needs of your organization!

  • Apply conduct a business evaluation of your organization
  • Identify and meet your strategic objectives
  • Get hands on guidance for the certification or accreditation of your establishment
  • Invest in continuous quality improvement
  • Opt for the sustainability of your organization
  • Increase efficiency and improve operational performance
  • Enhance the capability and the strength of your team
  • Refocus your energies to achieve your goals

Quality management

Undertaking continuous quality improvement is an investment in the sustainability of your organization

Quality management must be understood, shared and accepted by all members of the organization. A quality approach is primarily a process of continuous improvement which is influenced by various factors such as legal and governmental regulations, customer satisfaction and whose common goal is the improvement of services provided to residents.

  • Audit and certification
  • Compliance
  • Strategic planning
  • Documentation management
  • Risks management and analysis
  • Continuous improvement
  • Action plan implementation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Optimization of internal resources

While engaging in quality process improvement,
risks are mitigated by anticipation and participatory management.

We contribute to the development of a secure approach, of quality and of performance in accordance with the standards of accreditation and other legal bodies.

Manage risks in your organization, in an integrated manner:

  • Expand risk management
  • Involve all parties and stakeholders
  • Put in place a coherent global system
  • Implement new internal processes
  • Harmonize practices
  • Standardize policies and procedures

Strategic management

Victory is obtained thanks to a global strategy and a broad vision !

Strategic Management tailored to your needs will help you in your decision-making process and guide your business in the long run, responding to internal changes and constraints imposed by the external environment.

To develop a single, integrated strategy based on your needs and to fit your vision, we focus on specific elements of your value chain, or on the entire organization.

Shift your company towards strategic management!

The development and deployment of your strategic model helps ensure a smooth transition towards a more efficient operating model.

Our team will evaluate all options to revitalize your business, to develop an action plan in concert with management, creditors and other stakeholders, and mobilize the necessary resources for effective implementation.

Celixia helps you to restore the financial health of your establishment within the limitations imposed by the current legal, political and economic environment. There are a multitude of reasons why strategies should be revised !

  • A change of industry
  • Creating a specialized unit
  • Expansion by: Acquisition, merger or partnership development
  • The restructuring of the company
  • The desire to regain control
  • The desire to increase business value

Organizational management

Organization of your company’s resources leads to better productivity

Organizational management involves the implementation of corporate strategic decisions. The analysis of your procedures, your operations and your strengths, allows Celixia to correctly evaluate and develop appropriate structural solutions in order to implement a systematic plan of action to improve the performance of your organization.

Make your organization a success story : opt for a global approach !

Residents, board members and employees are all involved in change management, communication and all of the processes of the continuous improvement of services.

For us at Celixia, organizational management requires participatory management, which mobilizes all employees in a collective and stimulating project. There are a multitude of solutions to consolidate your corporate structure, such as:

  • Optimizing the organization of care services
  • Enhancing coordination of administrative services
  • Improving productivity and standardization of food services, maintenance, laundry
  • Maximizing financial resources
  • Harmonizing human resources

Personnal management

A good team is the key element of an efficient workplace!

Forming a team with strong pillars will enable you to leverage your employees’ strengths with a sense of responsibility, quality consciousness and commitment to their work.

Celixia Makes your team flourish!

A vision of quality is based on the principles of good human resource management including:

  • Recruit staff with the right qualifications and skills
  • Attract and retain staff
  • Create a relationship of trust and belonging
  • Retain and engage your staff in your projects
  • Empower your teams
  • Lead and inspire multidisciplinary teams

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