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Specializing in the field of consulting and management services.

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Specializing in the field of consulting and management services for personal and health care facilities.

Celixia is a consulting firm with expertise in management:

  • operational
  • organizational
  • budgetary consulting

As facilitator and initiator of pragmatic operational solutions, Celixia approaches the heart of your organization with objectivity and confidentiality. Our recommendations always incorporate the strategic vision of your company, in order to create concrete solutions applicable on the ground of your organization and adapted to your specific needs and issues.

The well-being of your residents depends on the commitment and skills of your employees
with respect to your company’s vision and all of this within the realities of your financial constraints.

Our vision integrates three fundamental and complementary objectives:

  • to ensure and continuously improve the well-being provided to your residents
  • to optimize the engagement and skills of your staff
  • to help address any of management’s concerns

Our missions & values !

At the source of this vision are three key principles, our humane approach, our holistic approach and our creativity, which used in conjunction, guarantee the success of your projects.

Humane approach: At Celixia, the well-being of people is ensured through the development and recognition of their needs, expectations, individuality, and the quality of services within the facility.

Creativity: When we want to find solutions and innovate, it is our creativity which will lead us to solutions, adapted to your situation. After all, it’s like having a palette of colors in front of us, we have multiple possibilities, but the objective is to find the best combination, in order to achieve an optimal result.

Holistic approach: In order to give meaning to our business practices, we consider the company as an organization whose well-being, existence and longevity is based on the harmony of the different elements that comprise it. Celixia follows a holistic approach to identify, understand and improve the operation of each department within your institution.

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